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What do you get when you mix an autoimmune disorder, a professional athlete, a wellness expert, and a physician? The start of something great, of course!

K2 roots was founded by two unique couples in the pursuit for the same fuel that could power both world class athletes and those trying to balance health amongst a busy schedule. 

In the Fall of 2015, olympic wrestler David Taylor took his professional career to the next weight class as he committed to competing at 86 kg. Dave's partners at The Treigning Lab assessed his physical and nutritional status to create a holistic, science-based performance plan that would set him up for success. They recommended a method that was new to David's training regimen: cold-pressed juicing. Kendra, David's wife, began researching ingredients, trialing flavor combinations, and creating cold-pressed juice in her home kitchen. When Kendra and Dave began to witness the advantages that the literature boasted, they made juicing a part of their daily routine.

In 2017, Kendra brought the world and magic of juicing to Karen, an active mother of 3 who suffers from chronic illness. While Karen was initially attracted to the taste of cold-pressed juice, she was shocked to make the connection that the ingredients in Kendra's juice helped to allievate symptoms of her autoimmune disorder more successfully than the medication management that she had turned to for years. 

When the couples came together over the power of cold pressed juice, they knew one thing for certain -- they wanted to share their love for juice with the world and to help others reach their wellness potential. And so, K2 roots was born and launched in State College, Pennsylvania in the winter of 2017. We are continuously growing and working diligently to support the mission that brought us together: keeping it real, fresh, and for the people.

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